Hybrid products

Many research products in the humanities are meant for both peers and a wider target group. These products are therefore hybrid in nature. Such products – books, articles, exhibitions, databases, websites – are based on original research, are demonstrably fashioned to be the subject of communication in the subject area, and also have a demonstrable societal reach.


Many hybrid products can be assessed using indicators that have been authorised by panels in each subject area. Other categories do not generally lend themselves to assessment by means of authorised indicators and arguments will need to be presented.

See Hybrid publications for a more detailed explanation and examples.


Where should hybrid products be listed?

The aim in the future is to design the registration system in such a way that these products can be documented separately. Until that happens, hybrid products should be listed under Research products for peers, and not be repeated under Research products for societal target groups. The importance of a research unit’s hybrid publications can then be argued and substantiated in a narrative that includes information on the impact of these products in the scientific world (Cell 2, Cell 3) and society (Cell 5, Cell a6).