Use in education


This indicator group pertains to the use or impact of research in primary, secondary and tertiary education (outside the unit’s own institution).



The use of research outputs in primary, secondary and tertiary education (outside the unit’s own institution) may refer to contributions to the development of subject-specific frameworks, curricula and teaching methodology, or, for example, to the assessment of attainment aims and contributions to changes in insight, driven by academic research. Regarding the latter, this may include historical or linguistic research that leads demonstrably to substantive or methodological changes in education.



This indicator group can be operationalised by considering examples of the use of research products, e.g. textbooks (or contributions to such textbooks), continuous professional development, but also Wikis and other websites popular in the field of education. Other examples are staff contributions to bodies that develop curricula, cooperation with educational publishers, and assessment bodies.



Reasoned indicator, as part of narrative.