Reviews are independent expositions examining the key research outputs (e.g. books, edited volumes, exhibitions and other research outputs), published in the scientific/scholarly literature.



A review is a discussion of a research output. The subject of the discussion is a concrete research output, for example a monograph, edited volume, exhibition (catalogue) or artefact. Reviews may also discuss dissertations. Reviews can be found in specialist review journals and in journals that devote a special section to reviews. Mere mentions of a research output do not quality as a ‘review’ and are therefore not covered by this indicator.

Reviews published in journals that do not appear on the lists established by the National Authorisation Panel – for example because they focus on a specific language or regional domain – can be included in the assessment in the narrative. To emphasise the importance of these publication channels, the research unit may turn to other instruments for quality and relevance in the humanities, for example VABB-SHW (Flanders), CRIStin (Norway), and the EU’s ERIH PLUS.



This indicator can be operationalised for all humanities research domains using the Lists found under ‘Tools’.



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