Websites for general audiences


Scholarly websites are collections of interrelated web pages presenting data, for example text, images or videos, based on research and created by one or more researchers, and meant for general audiences. Such websites may also provide material supplementing articles or books. 


These websites include products meant for a general public or for specified groups who are not peers or professionals, or for specific segments of the general public such as schoolchildren, students, and other groups of interested persons.


Websites often qualify as hybrid when they are meant not only for peers but also for professional and general audiences. If this is demonstrably the case, then these results are included under the indicators in Cell 1, Research products for peers. They can be reported a second time here in the narrative, where there is an opportunity to explain the interaction and/or interweaving of research and societal impact and relevance so typical of the humanities. 



This indicator can be operationalised using various criteria to demonstrate – with arguments – the importance of the products. The criteria are:

  • innovative nature
  • complexity
  • reach/applicability
  • role of research unit and/or researchers in producing the output 



Reasoned indicator, as part of narrative.