Editorship of an edited volume or theme issue of a general magazine


The editorship of an edited volume or theme or special issue of a general magazine, the content of which is based on scientific research, but directed towards  a general readership.



This indicator pertains to edited volumes and magazines meant primarily for a general public of interested persons. These are all publications based on scientific/scholarly insights, presented and/or communicated in an environment or through a channel that is accessible to broader societal groups. Examples include popular edited volumes addressing historical, ethical or political topics.

Edited volumes or theme/special issues of journals may also qualify as hybrid if they are meant not only for peers but also professional and/or general readers. If this is demonstrably the case, then these results are included under the indicators in Cell 1, Research products for peers. They can be reported a second time here in the narrative, where there is an opportunity to explain the interaction and/or interweaving of scientific/scholarly and societal impact and relevance so typical of the humanities.



This indicator can be operationalised using various criteria to demonstrate – with arguments – the importance of the products:

  • originality
  • status/reputation of publisher
  • reach/applicability
  • role of research unit and/or researchers in producing the output 



Reasoned indicator, as part of narrative