Research products for societal target groups

The indicators in this cell concern research output aimed primarily at professional audiences or the general public. These outputs, or products, break down into two main categories: professional products and popular products. Hybrid research output is one a unique feature of such products. Some of these products may also come about in cooperation with societal partners (co-creation).


Professional products: to be used primarily by specific societal target groups active in fields of work related to the research field

Popular products: aimed mainly at a broad range of interested parties.


Hybrid research output

Many of the research products in the humanities are aimed at different groups at the same time, from peers to a broader audience. These products – books, articles, exhibitions, databases, websites – are based on original research and demonstrably fashioned to serve as subjects of communication within the discipline and in society. For example, they may come about in cooperation with partners in other subject areas and/or with societal partners. These products are included under the authorised or reasoned indicators in Cell 1, Research products for researchers.

Hybrid products can be reported a second time in the narrative, where there is an opportunity to explain the interaction and/or interweaving of scientific/scholarly and societal impact and relevance so typical of the humanities. See the examples of hybrid publications.