Science columns, blogs and forums


An interactive (i.e. digital) or print publication channel, run by one or more researchers and addressing a research community, that is regarded as being very important for communication between researchers.



It is not (yet) possible to assess science columns, blogs and forums using authorised lists. Evidence for their value and relevance for research communication must therefore be presented in the narrative.


Some science columns, blogs and forums qualify as hybrid because their readership includes not only peers but also a societal group, for example when they intervene in a public debate that is also taking place among peers.



This indicator can be operationalised using various criteria or features to demonstrate – with arguments – the importance of the products. The criteria are:

  • innovative nature
  • nature of intervention in a debate among peers (and others)
  • reach and/or national/international nature
  • frequency of publication and intensity of debates
  • status and/or reputation of blog/forum
  • role of research unit and/or researchers in producing the column, blog or forum



Reasoned indicator, as part of narrative.