Secondary appointments within civil society organisations


This indicator pertains to part-time, externally funded appointments of researchers within organisations and institutions that have a demonstrable relationship to the research performed, in both the professional and general societal domain.



Non-academic marks of recognition for the work of a researcher or research group can be shown by the close involvement of researchers in professional and general civil society organisations and institutions. This can take the form of administrative or advisory positions (see the indicator Membership of civil society organisations), but also secondary appointments on a project or permanent basis.

This indicator concerns regular appointments, either permanent or for a lengthy period, as researcher, project coordinator, or similar. It does not include more or less informal or irregular guest appointments or short-term work affiliations.



This indicator is reasonably useful when based on the documents underpinning the appointment. These documents must refer to mutual obligations and offer explicit recognition of the researcher’s work.


Reasoned indicator, as part of narrative.