Financial and material support by society


This indicator pertains to funding and material resources allocated to research projects and researchers by civil society funds, organisations and institutions.



This category concerns funding and resources awarded for a research project by civil society organisations, funds and institutions based on the quality and relevance of the proposal submitted and, in some instances, on the CV of the applicant or applicants. In some instances, it also concerns matching schemes, with NWO for example. In such cases, the funds and resources will also have been listed in Cell 3, Grants for research projects. This indicator covers funding awarded by ministries, international governmental institutions, cultural and general funds, municipal authorities, interest groups, museums and so on.



Experience shows that this indicator is not always useful. Many research projects have multiple applicants, some affiliated with different research units and institutions, in the Netherlands and beyond, and that naturally also applies to project execution. If the explanation provided is inadequate, mentioning the funding acquired may paint a distorted and even unduly flattering picture.

This indicator can provide an accurate picture of the quality and relevance of the research if the following details are reported in connection with the research funding awards:

  1. the role of the research unit (and its members), for example principal applicant, co-applicant or lead partner;
  2. the total size of the project budget, with a clear distinction being made between
  3. funding awarded by civil society institutions, organisations and funds
  4. funding awarded by scientific/scholarly institutions and organisations (these will reappear in the relevant indicator in Cell 3)
  5. funds matched by the institution itself
  6. the proportion of the budget (a, b and c) that will actually be allocated to the research unit and be applied towards research.

This category only covers funding awarded to projects carried out by members of the research unit during (part of) the period covered by the assessment. Grants whose official effective term ended before the start of the assessment period should not be included.



Reasoned indicator, as part of narrative.