Marks of recognition from societal target groups

This category of indicators pertains to marks of recognition awarded to researchers by private or public civil society organisations. They can be awarded purely for the researcher’s achievements in science/scholarship, but most of the time they reward research that also has distinct value for society.



Non-academic marks of recognition for the achievements of a researcher or research group can take many different forms. They are often in the form of awards, for example the Erasmus Prize or the Libris Prize for Literature or History. They can also involve appointments to (honorary) positions in civil society organisations, membership of a board or an invitation to give a keynote address at a professional conference.

The following indicators can be used in this category:




In general, these indicators do not lend themselves to a quantitative approach because, in most cases, they are incidental, often unique marks of recognition, and because they differ from subject area to subject area and even from research group to research group. Most of the information about these indicators will therefore be qualitative in nature and be included in the narrative.



These indicators are categorised as reasoned for the time being, but in the future the Domain Panels or the National Authorisation Panel could draw up an authorised list for the various indicators.