Research grants awarded to individuals


This indicator pertains to grants awarded by research institutions to individual researchers, in recognition of what peers consider outstanding achievement.


Such awards are often associated with a certain phase in the researcher’s scientific/scholarly career. They include the NWO Veni, Vidi, and Vici grants, but also the Spinoza, Marie Curie, Aspasia and Rubicon prizes, as well as the Starting Grant, Consolidator Grants, and Advanced Grants.

This category does not cover grants awarded for research projects within the context of NWO’s Free Competition Humanities or the Gravitation Programme, or Horizon 2020 and other EU programmes (see following indicator). Grants and awards presented by private or public parties beyond academia should be placed in Cell C6.


This category is restricted to individual fellowships and grants that

(a) have been awarded to members of the research unit who had a permanent or temporary appointment with the unit at the time the award was made, or who were able to take the award with them when they joined the unit,

 (b) and/or are effective during part or all of the period covered by the assessment.

These conditions mean that it is possible to include transferable grants awarded to staff during the assessment period who have since departed, as well as transferable grants awarded to staff who joined the research unit during the assessment period. Grants whose official effective term ended before the start of the assessment period should not be included.


Authorised indicator