About QRiH

QRiH is a set of instruments for assessing the quality and relevance of research in the humanities, designed at the request of the Alliance of National Organisations for the Deans of Humanities Faculties (DLG), Religious Studies (DGO) and Philosophy (DWB), and the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences.

The QRiH instrument is authorised by the National Authorisation Panel (LAP), established on 20 June 2017 by means of a joint resolution of the Alliance.  

QRiH was produced by the Quality Indicators in the Humanities or KIG project group at the request of the cooperating faculties cited above and funded by the Sustainable Humanities fund (2013-2017).

The KIG Academic Advisory Committee consisted of Prof. Remieg Aerts (RU, UvA), Emeritus Prof. Geert Booij (Leiden), Prof. Martha Frederiks (UU, 2014-2015), Prof. Mary Kemperink (RUG), Prof. Anthonie Meijers TU/e, and Prof. Frank van Vree (chair; UvA, NIOD).


QRiH was prepared and designed by the KIG Steering Committee, consisting of Dr Ad Prins (research, production & editing), Dr Jack Spaapen (Royal Nether;lands Academy of Arts and Sciences - KNAW, research and editing), Prof. Frank van Vree (UvA/NIOD, chair, research and final editing), Dr Thed van Leeuwen (CWTS, research and editing), Dr David Duindam (UvA, executive secretary) and Drs Martin Boekhout (BBMRI, assistant researcher). In 2013/2014, Drs Hotze Mulder (UvA) was the committee’s executive project secretary.